Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sally Hansens Giveaway Winner!

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Hello lovelies!! It's been such a loooooong time! Truly sorry for that. Everything's been so hectic with work and all, I know you understand. :)

And so, let me announce the winner of my first-ever giveaway!

Congratulations to... 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sally Hansens Giveaway Alert!

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Hello Lovelies! This is officially smizingmica's first giveaway! I don't know how giveaways should be held, but based on the few giveaways I have joined (and lost, haha!), there should be kwento first, then a series of steps to be followed, then there should be something to be given away. Kaya nga giveaway eh. Hahaha

So... here's the kwento. Haha!

Along the road of adolescence and puberty, our body develops and err... grows in many ways. One is hair growth in numerous areas of the body, even in those places we don't want them to be.

My bestfriend and I talk about anything and everything, and she introduced me to this product: Sally Hansen 3 Minute Formula Lotion Hair Remover. She even demonstrated how to use it. (sa finger lang naman guys, wag masyado mag-imagine! Haha)

I was amazed at how a cream could remove unwanted hair in an instant! So long story short, I bought a bottle. I used it only on my underarms, but it could be used on other parts too. It lasted me a long time, until I couldn't squeeze any more out. So I bought another bottle. Before getting to open the bottle however, I discovered the hassle-free method of waxing and totally forgot about this newly-bought bottle.

I thought that I could give this to one lucky reader instead of letting it go to waste. :)

I suggest that the winner follow the instructions strictly and carefully because the product contains chemicals that burn the hair, and we wouldn't want to burn your skin now, would we? :) Personally, there were a few times when I experienced a burning feeling when using this product. Maybe because I was using a peeling soap then, and my skin IS sensitive. 

Saying so, I discourage readers with sensitive skin from joining, or, join and share it with someone else instead. :)

More on the prize at stake (Copied from the bottle):

Sally Hansen 3 Minute Formula Lotion Hair Remover quickly and gently removes removes unwanted hair from legs, bikini area, underarms and arms... for hair-free smoothness that lasts longer than shaving! Formulated with Saw Palmetto, Willow Herb and Pumpkin Seed extracts that result in softer, finer hair and help your skin look and feel silky smooth longer, moisturizing Vitamin E and soothing Aloe and Chamomile pamper skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Gentle enough for delicate skin... and the fresh Raspberry-Peach scent makes it pleasant to use.

It's a big bottle ;)

How to join:

Just follow these easy-breezy steps lovelies :)

1. Follow this blog publicly via GFC or bloglovin'.
2. Follow me on twitter @micimicx
3. Laugh at how I used the word follow in the three above lines (this makes four... LAUGH! Haha. I'm kidding of course.)
4. Tweet this "Join smizingmica's (@micimicx) first giveaway! Visit to know more". Be sure to tag me properly.
5. Comment below. Include your complete name, GFC name, twitter username, tweet link, and email address.

The winner will be selected via Open to Philippine residents only. Shipping will be shouldered by yours truly, unless you'd prefer to meet up in ATC or SM Southmall. The winner should respond within 48 hours, otherwise, the prize will be forfeited. You can still join until 18 September 2012.

Hope you guys join! Who knows, I might throw in something else. ;) Spread the word, spread the love :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Team White! Smizingmica's first-ever OOTD

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Hello Lovelies! I just started working last July 3, hence, the inactivity of this blog. But now I'm back with this quick fashion post :)

My family and relatives (dad's side) had a pictorial for the whole clan and each family were made to choose colors to be worn. Our family initially chose red, but it was already taken, so we went for white. Aaaand, this is what I wore:

V-neck shirt from Elements
Gypsy skirt from Kamiseta

Dreamcatcher necklace from bestfriend
Bangles from aunt

Sequined Wedge from Rialto

Belt and Bag from my gorgeous Ninang
Hope you guys liked my first-ever OOTD! :)
Any suggestions on how I can improve doing OOTDs?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Review: Pure Beauty Cleansing Water

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Hello lovelies! As proud as I am of my new blog layout (of course, thanks to Steph whom I will never get tired of saying thank you to), I wanna share with you some photos of the day we worked on it.

Get ready to see how amazing and talented my friend is :)

Ink sketches

Steph at work (notice her fierce shopping bag?)

Icons that now serve as links to different categories found at my sidebar
And now, on to the review :)

Pure Beauty, now becoming a common brand among beauty enthusiasts like myself, introduced a makeup remover line composed of three variants: Cleansing Liquid (for normal to oily skin), Cleansing Water (for sensitive skin and all skin types), and Cleansing Oil (for dry to normal skin). For more info, check out their website:

My face is gearing towards the oily side, but is sensitive at the same time so I opted to try out the Cleansing Water.

Claims to: be enriched with a natural herbal complex to help gently cleanse and remove makeup and impurities from the face. The alcohol and dermatologically tested formula is designed for sensitive skin. It also contains natural moisturisers to provide a soothing effect and prevent skin dryness after use.

Price: Php150-200 but I got mine on sale for less than Php50!!

Weighs: 190ml

Comes in a nozzle-type container which makes it easier to spritz out. However, since this is the water variant, pressing the top too much may draw out excess product, leaving it dripping. I just catch it with the cotton pad, but sometimes there's too much product already, it's annoying.

Yep, it really is water

Applying it to my skin felt greasy though, despite its watery consistency, but nothing unbearable. It leaves no tace of makeup, and does not sting my skin. However, even if it said to avoid contact with eyes, I still tried to use it to remove my mascara. What happened? I got instant conjuctivitis (sore eyes :D).

It may not look as horrible in the photo, but trust me, it is. And it stung so bad I couldn't open my eye. I still do it though. Haha. I don't know if I just like how it hurts, or if I think I'm getting the hang of it and not sting and the pain lessens once you get used to it. I don't know. XD

I wash my face after with water and cleanser. No soreness (except for my eyes), nor allergic reactions. Also, I only use this when I apply heavy makeup, otherwise, I just do my usual routine and use baby oil for eye makeup.

Will I repurchase? Yes

Have you tried the other variants? How'd it go? :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here Comes the Sun.... Block.

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Hey ladies! Have you noticed anything different? Haha! I'm sorry, I just need to talk about my new and improved blog design. Don't you think it's pretty? Donthca? Dontcha? *u*

All was made possible by my good friend Steph, whom if you remember, joined me in my Halloween Special. All the illustrations were done by her -- from scratch. A-MAZE-BALLS. If you're impressed with what you see here, wait 'til you visit her tumblr. Thank you so much friend! :)

Okay, I think I've relayed how ecstatic I am over my blog. Let's head on to the review. :)

Summer's over, but it doesn't mean that the harmful effects of Mr. Sun goes away. Even if it's cloudy or drizzling, we still need to apply sunblock or lotion with spf. (Poor intro, I was supposed to write this at the start of summer, but things happen. Boo!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's your quick fix?

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It's a rainy morning today lovelies, and this intro might not be that appropriate for the recent weather we've been experiencing for days now, but oh well. You get the picture. ^_^

Living in a hot, humid country like ours, frequent touch-ups are a must to look fresh all day, regardless if you use high-end makeup or not. I actually find this icky (sorry!) whenever I retouch. That is, until I discovered the awesomeness of oil control films! (Believe it or not, I first learned of this through a GUY friend.. a straight guy friend. I was actually laughing at how vain and metro he was for using oil control films... only to find out how essential it is. Sorry naman, walang pakialam sa itsura eh. But that was way way back. Haha)

I tried different brands, but this.. this is THE ONE. :)

Read more after the break!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Guess who's back? :)

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Hellooooo Lovelieeessss!!! :D

It's been such a long time since my last post and I'm truly sorry for that. I needed to focus on my review, and guess what? All the hardwork paid off!!

Yes, my dearies, smizingmica is now a Certified Public Accountant! Yipee! :D

And for that, I hope you'd welcome me back with open arms? Hahaha.

So let's get down to business, shall we? ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tony Moly Cutie-Beauty Perfume Bar Lovely Sweetheart

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Hi Lovelies! I have been reviewing makeup and skincare products so this is a first for me. I really don't know how to review perfume/cologne so please bear with me. I'm just here to share what my senses tell me, and hopefully this would be of help if ever you're considering purchasing this product. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Go green! Yves Rocher 3 Minute Mask

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Smizingmica presents another product from the botanical brand Yves Rocher: 3 Minutes Masque Fraicheur Au Zeste De Citron (Fresh Mask with Lemon Zest).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Etude House: Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

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I bought this Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream a long time ago, together with its facial wash counterpart and other items in this haul. The review took so long because first, the dreaded review for board exam started; second, I was trying out other products as well to aid my, err, other concerns and third, I tried to observe how far this product would last.

If you have read my review on the Happy Teatime Milk TeaFacial Wash, or if you’re kind enough to stay tuned and read most of my posts, you’d know that I adore milk tea and that I’m quite drawn to products that smell like it.

And with that advisory, let us proceed.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Valentines Haul! (Late Upload)

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Happy Valentines Day! Hahaha. 

It's never too late to celebrate love anyway, right?

Two friends and I (a group we fondly call VST - An acronym of our surnames) celebrate the day of hearts together every year. It is our tradition which we try not to break no matter what the circumstance is. Our preboard exams happened the weekend after Valentines day, so my friends and I had to prepare for it tremendously (read: stress) but we still celebrated. Only, we did so after the preboard exams. :)

Last year, we went skating and malling the whole day. This year, we had no plan as we are busy with the review, but just spending the day together was enough. Anything goes! And what happens when three pretty ladies with no agenda end up in a mall? SHOPPING! \:D/

And here we have it, my Valentines Haul.

Solemate Flats

Eye Mask and Ear plugs 

Aido Lipstick

Shower cap

Nail Polish

Perfume Bar

Nose Pack

Reviews to follow :)

Here's a picture of me and my lovely dates:

Happy Valentines Day again to all of us! <3

Note to self: No more shopping until after the board exam. Control.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Delight your Senses: Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash

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Hi there lovelies! How have you been? I finally got the chance to sit down and update this blog! Oooooooh, how much I've missed this! Enough of the drama and let's get it on!

EH Milk Talk Body Wash is something that I've seen only recently. I'm not really into body wash, as I'm a soap-person (I like the squeaky clean feel ^_^), but when the friendly SA showed me this, I was intrigued! A friend was with me, (read about the haul post here) and she read online that a blogger was raving about this product as it smelled so good. I took a sniff and I felt so kilig. Hahaha! It smelled that yummy! There are several flavors but what really caught my nose (say what?! Haha) was strawberry and chocolate. I kept on sniffing both and just couldn't decide so... well... I got both. Sorry wallet!

I just kept on sniffing and sniffing both flavors! It smells so good, I want to drink it! The scent reminded me of ice cream and it was very hard to resist. Haha. 

Price: Php298.00 (around 6 USD)

Claims to: be a moisturizing body wash that supplies rich foam, texture, and fragrant scent for soft, cleansed skin.

I use this nightly when taking a shower before going to bed. Taking a shower couldn't be more fun! I squeeze a moderate amount on my loofah, and it's enough for my entire body. It smells so good, I don't want to rinse it off. However, the scent doesn't linger in the shower, nor on the skin. That's sort of a letdown for me.

Also, I wildly thought this could replace lotion, or at least minimize usage, as it's supposed to be moisturizing, but I thought wrong. Well, it isn't drying like soap, but it doesn't quite deliver as a moisturizing body wash. Maybe it's just me.

Will I repurchase? I don't think so. Very tempting, but I still go for soap. But a cologne that smells like this? That, I would buy again and again.

Have you tried this ladies? What do you think? Do share! :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Surprise Etude House Haul PLUS Yves Rocher

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Hi Ladies! How have you all been?

You may be wondering why this post is titled as such. Surprise because, well, I surprised myself. Hahaha.

A friend and I went straight to SM Southmall from Manila (it's friday --- we take a break from reviewing and go home South) because Tony Moly opened a branch there. We were so excited because, at last! Tony Moly within our reach. Sad to say, it is only a counter in the department store. Meaning, store sales (like the one currently ongoing) doesn't apply there and points can't be earned on the membership card. Boo! :(

So we went around, and landed in Etude House. I saw the strawberry curling thing, and boom. I needed a basket to lug around items. Ha ha ha. Also, I passed by Yves Rocher and got a face masque because it was on sale.

So here's what I got:

Yves Rocher Face Masque

Freebie! Not too happy with this though
I'm so excited to try out both bottles of body wash! They smell so divine! Yummy enough to eat. Rawr.

Hope you liked my haul! Reviews to be posted soon.
Any product here you've tried? Do share!

PS. I miss blogging. And reading your blogs too.

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