Friday, October 31, 2014

Welcome (Me) Back! Reasons + Giveaway

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Yes, I’m finally back after two years of inactivity! 

I feel heavily obligated to explain my absence, so here it is. It actually all boils down to life’s priorities.

We all know that this blog is a hobby, JUST a hobby... and quite an expensive one at that. As stated in one of my previous posts, I started work almost immediately after earning my CPA license. The work I am speaking of is not for the weak, it is not for the faint-hearted. It requires passion, hardwork, discipline, dedication, and most of all, COMMITMENT. My work was quite demanding that I lost time for other activities.

Being my first job, it was normal for me to give it my all, to feel the rush... after a while, it became tiring, it took all that I’ve got. Not that I’m complaining... but it really took all of my time. My spare time was reserved for rest, family and boyfriend, and sleep. I have never been so sleep-deprived in my entire life. It totally changed my body clock. I gained a lot of nasty habits, I ate my stress away (which never really went away, so the eating just went on and on). As a result, I gained a lot of excess weight. I became (and still am) obese. In two years, I have gained weight that would have been almost normal (but still unhealthy) if I gained it in five to seven years.

See how BIG I became in just two years? 

I decided I needed to quit my job. It still interests me... and I am very grateful for the experience, learning, and development I acquired during the most challenging two years of my life. However, I couldn’t change my lifestyle if I were to remain. I became scared of what might happen to my health, to me. I knew it was time to leave.

I am on self-prescribed one month rest and soon to start with my new job. I sincerely thank the HR department and future supervisor of my new company for giving me a month's notice even if I was already legally free from my previous work.

Whew! I didn’t intend this to be so long, but there is really quite a lot to say. As of date, I am still trying to fix my eating habits, my physical activities, and lifestyle. It will be a difficult road ahead, but I'm glad that I've got a strong support system behind me all the way. :)

As my way of saying thank you for staying with me and my blog despite the inactivity, I would like to announce a mini giveaway. I have posted pictures of the prizes on my instagram account, and if you are a follower, this would come as no surprise. :)

Please see prizes at stake and mechanics below:

Prizes are as follows:

1. The Color Workshop (TCW) “Christmas Colors”

Items came from different sets from TCW. I personally chose the colors that would give a Christmas feel, since Christmas is fast approaching. This includes: (1) a lipstick in a frosted light peach shade. Perfect for a nude lips look with just a bit of shimmer; and (2) eyeshadow ombre in green. This pot of eyeshadow is intended to be used in one look, one shade is in a teal shade (this season’s in color) and pine green.

2. The Color Institute “Basics”

Items came from different sets from The Color Institute. This package contains some of the basic colors of main products every beauty enthusiast must own. This includes: (1) fiery red nail polish; and (2) eye pencil/crayon in black.

3. Korean skincare samples

Items came from different Korean beauty hubs such as Tony Moly and Etude House. This includes samples of cleansing foam, shampoo, and moisturizer.

4. Washi Tapes

Items came from crafts stores. One big decorative washi tape and two small metallic ones.


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Easy peasy! :3 I might throw in something else if the number of participants exceed my expectations, so please spread the word! :)

This giveaway ends on November 30. Shipping will be shouldered by yours truly. The winner will be notified through email and should respond within a week of notification; otherwise, another winner will be selected. Open to Philippine residents only.

Much love and please stay tuned for more posts! Yay blogging! :)


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