Saturday, January 28, 2012

Smizing Up: Nichido Lengthening and Curl Mascara

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Hello lovelies! How are you?

As for me, my goodness, I feel so stressed right now! I just want to stop time and blog! Preparing for the board exam is so stressful but I try not to think of anything negative as I want to work the law of attraction :D

On to the topic...

Applying mascara immediately livens ones look as it opens up the eyes. I've tried different brands, both high-end and drugstore brands. This particular mascara belongs to one of my go-to brands: NICHIDO.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bargain Find! Aido Classic Lipstick in Q

at 4:22 PM 4 comments
Okaaaaaay. I know you're wondering, "What the heck does shade Q look like?". I catch myself wondering about it sometimes too. Haha! But I must say, if you're a beauty-enthusiast on a budget (like me!), you better read on :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is it too late to show...

at 4:04 AM 2 comments New Year nails? Hahahaha!

I certainly hope not! Basically, this is also gonna be a brief review for Etude House Matte Nail Polish in two shades so maybe you could continue reading :P

Review: Purederm Botanical Choice Nose Pore Strips "Tea Tree"

at 2:18 AM 3 comments
Hello there lovelies! I know I've been MIA a lot, and I'm truly sorry for that. I've just been so busy with review classes, and wanted to rest (READ: eat-sleep-eat-sleep) during weekends. But since I'm feeling quite energetic today (I've been talking nonstop the whole day ^_^), I think I'll be doing more than one post :D

And yes, I'm back with another nose pore strip! Hahaha! Sorry for obsessing about my blackheads and other impurities on the nose area. It's just that they're so visible it bugs the hell out of me! Curious if it works? Read on then :)

Review: Etude House Greentea Nose Pack

at 1:19 AM 2 comments
As you may have noticed, I have reviewed a lot of nose packs. My blackheads are really crazy so I'm determined to lessen (if not eliminate) them. This baby was part of my mini haul.


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