Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sally Hansens Giveaway Alert!

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Hello Lovelies! This is officially smizingmica's first giveaway! I don't know how giveaways should be held, but based on the few giveaways I have joined (and lost, haha!), there should be kwento first, then a series of steps to be followed, then there should be something to be given away. Kaya nga giveaway eh. Hahaha

So... here's the kwento. Haha!

Along the road of adolescence and puberty, our body develops and err... grows in many ways. One is hair growth in numerous areas of the body, even in those places we don't want them to be.

My bestfriend and I talk about anything and everything, and she introduced me to this product: Sally Hansen 3 Minute Formula Lotion Hair Remover. She even demonstrated how to use it. (sa finger lang naman guys, wag masyado mag-imagine! Haha)

I was amazed at how a cream could remove unwanted hair in an instant! So long story short, I bought a bottle. I used it only on my underarms, but it could be used on other parts too. It lasted me a long time, until I couldn't squeeze any more out. So I bought another bottle. Before getting to open the bottle however, I discovered the hassle-free method of waxing and totally forgot about this newly-bought bottle.

I thought that I could give this to one lucky reader instead of letting it go to waste. :)

I suggest that the winner follow the instructions strictly and carefully because the product contains chemicals that burn the hair, and we wouldn't want to burn your skin now, would we? :) Personally, there were a few times when I experienced a burning feeling when using this product. Maybe because I was using a peeling soap then, and my skin IS sensitive. 

Saying so, I discourage readers with sensitive skin from joining, or, join and share it with someone else instead. :)

More on the prize at stake (Copied from the bottle):

Sally Hansen 3 Minute Formula Lotion Hair Remover quickly and gently removes removes unwanted hair from legs, bikini area, underarms and arms... for hair-free smoothness that lasts longer than shaving! Formulated with Saw Palmetto, Willow Herb and Pumpkin Seed extracts that result in softer, finer hair and help your skin look and feel silky smooth longer, moisturizing Vitamin E and soothing Aloe and Chamomile pamper skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Gentle enough for delicate skin... and the fresh Raspberry-Peach scent makes it pleasant to use.

It's a big bottle ;)

How to join:

Just follow these easy-breezy steps lovelies :)

1. Follow this blog publicly via GFC or bloglovin'.
2. Follow me on twitter @micimicx
3. Laugh at how I used the word follow in the three above lines (this makes four... LAUGH! Haha. I'm kidding of course.)
4. Tweet this "Join smizingmica's (@micimicx) first giveaway! Visit to know more". Be sure to tag me properly.
5. Comment below. Include your complete name, GFC name, twitter username, tweet link, and email address.

The winner will be selected via Open to Philippine residents only. Shipping will be shouldered by yours truly, unless you'd prefer to meet up in ATC or SM Southmall. The winner should respond within 48 hours, otherwise, the prize will be forfeited. You can still join until 18 September 2012.

Hope you guys join! Who knows, I might throw in something else. ;) Spread the word, spread the love :)


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