Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here Comes the Sun.... Block.

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Hey ladies! Have you noticed anything different? Haha! I'm sorry, I just need to talk about my new and improved blog design. Don't you think it's pretty? Donthca? Dontcha? *u*

All was made possible by my good friend Steph, whom if you remember, joined me in my Halloween Special. All the illustrations were done by her -- from scratch. A-MAZE-BALLS. If you're impressed with what you see here, wait 'til you visit her tumblr. Thank you so much friend! :)

Okay, I think I've relayed how ecstatic I am over my blog. Let's head on to the review. :)

Summer's over, but it doesn't mean that the harmful effects of Mr. Sun goes away. Even if it's cloudy or drizzling, we still need to apply sunblock or lotion with spf. (Poor intro, I was supposed to write this at the start of summer, but things happen. Boo!)


Claims to: be an instant non greasy and paraben-free whitening sun lotion with spf 45 and bengkoang (singkamas) that moisturizes, whitens, protects against damage, and contains anti-oxidants.

According to the packaging...
Bengkoang contains Vitamin C, Flavanoids, and Saponins which is a natural sunscreen to prevent skin damage brought about by free radicals. It effectively inhibits the formation of melanin and pigmentation due to hormones and the sun, as it prevents and reduces acne scars, This lotion will immediately transform your skin with a whiter complexion that comes with anti-aging effects.

Price: Php199.00 (around 4USD)

Weighs: 100 ml

The lotion has a nonsticky formula, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is more runny than creamy as compared with other lotions. It can be used all over the body but I use it only on my face because I tend to use more of the product than my regular lotion.

One unique thing about this product is it has an instant whitening effect. This is a pro for me as I have fair skin and it blends naturally, but may be a con for others. 

See the instant whitening effect vertically across the middle?
I noticed, however, that it doesn't moisturize as a moisturizing lotion should. Oh well, we can't expect anything (or anyone) to be perfect anyway. I noticed though that my face doesn't oil up as much when I use this instead of Belo's sunblock (which is what I use when I go out). Of course, we all love its spf and a high rating at that! It comes in a sturdy opaque yellow plastic bottle which makes it difficult to see how much product you have left. It's not squeeze-friendly too so it will be quite a waste to not be able to totally empty the bottle.

Will I repurchase? Yes

What do you think Lovelies? What's your daily sunblock? :)



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