Monday, November 10, 2014

Haul: SuperSale Bazaar November 2014 @ the World Trade Center + Me & U + Metro Find!

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Good evening lovelies! Just started with my new work today and it was... different. I guess one day wouldn't be enough to say how things will go, but I'm keeping my hopes and spirit high :)

Anyway, last 11/08/2014, my friend and I went to Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center. I was quite disappointed at the number of booths, but somehow thankful as I wont hurt my wallet that much :P
Basically, I got a few items. This is just gonna be a quick haul post. More details after the break :)

Here are close up shots of what I got:

Elegant fashion ring
My favorite item! Quite a steal @ P80!

Cord Protectors

OPI Nail Polish

Etude House CC Cream

Lounging shorts

Soak Artisan Soaps (Thanks for the free soap candies! :))

V&M Naturals No.2 Miracle
If you'd look closely, I kind of excluded some items from the close up shots as I intend to give them out as gifts. This is just a safety precaution in case those people suddenly take a peek at my blog ;)

As you can see, I only really got a few items. Most of the stalls were selling clothing items (of course) and when I go to bazaars like this, I rarely buy clothes because of the hassle of fitting items in makeshift dressing rooms, or just putting it on top of my clothes, especially for dresses, because I won’t get to see how it really looks. Having said this, it was really frustrating when I attempted to fit one in this bazaar. There was this one seller who didn’t allow me to fit her item in the restroom even if it was just a few feet from her stall. I would’ve understood her, maybe she doesn’t have an extra person to keep a lookout for the item, but the way she refused was so demeaning, the way she said “Ipatong mo na lang (Just put it over your clothes)” was quite rude (her tone I guess). I lost all desire to check her items out. Ugh. Even if we roamed around four times (yep, super small bunch), I never took a look at her items again. Props to those sellers who remained perky and pleasant all throughout the day, despite the fatigue I'm sure they felt.

I'm currently using the V&M Naturals No.2 Miracle to somehow help my stretchmarks heal or fade. It's a long shot, but I just gotta put my faith (and cash -- quite pricey) on it!

After WTC, I went to Alabang Town Center for a quick meet up with a friend. I ended up getting these babies:

The items in Me&U are a secret since I also intend to give it out as a gift. The stores catch phrase is "Stuff for togetherness". Cheesy yet cute, eh? You guys wouldn't have trouble guessing the contents though. Hihi. I will reveal it soon :)

As for the Michaela heels, I got the pair on sale at Php450! Really a steal! And just at the right moment too since I was about to start work without decent work-appropriate heels. Quite comfy too :) C'mon dearies, support this brand as it carries my name. Hihi. :)

Did you go to the Supersale bazaar? What did you get? Any similar experience? Do share! :)


Helen Blas on December 11, 2014 at 6:03 PM said...

Nice haul! :D

I can relate sa masusungit na tindera. If they're nice, I'm friendly to them. If they're not.. good luck nalang sa kanila! >:) I never buy from them no matter how I want a certain product.

Mica on December 13, 2014 at 11:10 PM said...

@Helen. Definitely their loss! Considering how we love to shop! Hehehe. Super love the sellers who are so accommodating without being pushy.

Arya De Guzman on December 21, 2014 at 5:35 PM said...

I usually don't buy clothes in bazaars too because they don't have my size plus and the fit most of the time is not good


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