Saturday, January 28, 2012

Smizing Up: Nichido Lengthening and Curl Mascara

at 12:26 AM
Hello lovelies! How are you?

As for me, my goodness, I feel so stressed right now! I just want to stop time and blog! Preparing for the board exam is so stressful but I try not to think of anything negative as I want to work the law of attraction :D

On to the topic...

Applying mascara immediately livens ones look as it opens up the eyes. I've tried different brands, both high-end and drugstore brands. This particular mascara belongs to one of my go-to brands: NICHIDO.

Price: below Php 200.00 (around 4USD)

This mascara is marked as a lengthening and curling mascara, but I find it as only a lengthening one. Its brush is what I know of to be for lengthening too, so I don't know why they labeled it as such.

It lengthens quite good though!

Bare and Uncurled

Bare and Uncurled

Bare and Uncurled

Curled and with mascara

Curled and with mascara

Curled and with mascara

Curled and with mascara
Will I repurchase? Nope. Overall, it's just a so-so mascara. Besides, I don't need extra length. I would appreciate a volumizing formula though :)

Sorry for the short post! Just not feeling the talkative vibe now.
What do you think ladies? Will you try this out? What are your fave Nichido products? :)


Janet on February 9, 2012 at 2:49 PM said...

Wow! you don't need a mascara at all, your lashes are pretty long enough..=) I remember this is the first mascara I ever purchase and I used it until finish, like the bottle would feel super empty and you have to tap in order for more product to comes out...Nice review!! ^_^~

Mica on February 10, 2012 at 10:12 PM said...

Thank you Janet! I experienced the same feeling with my Estee Lauder Mascara!! Eeeee! As in even if the tube is already empty, I refuse to throw it away. Haha.


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